wareHOUSE 2


7.1.2018 occupancy

In May, 2013, we acquired this 21,000 sq.ft., single-tenant, mixed-use industrial property. Recently, that company got sold and has relocated to Indiana. Our project re-purposes the building into (15) "multi-use" units sized 624-2,690 SF ($832-$3,531 monthly rent). 2 level and single level spaces are available. All units lend themselves to "flex-space" (office + warehouse) and smaller (less than 1000SF) to incubator spaces/studio or office, but not live/work. There is little UPDATED inventory of this product in Evanston. Our concept is to "give more space with slightly less finish at a lower rent," which is totally opposite from the market. . .especially the smaller spaces that rent below $1,000/month.

Units are designed to accommodate the RAPID evolution of a successful start-up which include office, office + warehouse and light industrial tenants within the facility.


- (34) off-street parking spaces
- 8' wide interior service corridor
- green materials and construction techniques
- full kitchens and baths
- individual HVAC systems
- 100 amp / 3 phase / 30 circuit electric panels
- high-speed internet
- convenient location close to public transportation
- multiple units can be combined
- rents range from $832-$3,531/month

*  finished interior photos are from our last project at 1900 greenwood (wareHOUSE(1) occupied 7.1.2016)

** current construction photos are available on our blog http://spaceevanston.blogspot.com/