Our mission is to provide exciting, geographically desirable architectural space at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We believe that well designed space, both at work and at home, plays an important role in the quality of our daily lives. We respect the value of the client relationship and believe that our experienced in-house team of architects, builders,and marketing experts provide us the flexibility required to service your evolving needs in today's rapidly shifting business environment. We operate exclusively in the Evanston marketplace and feel that our properties' proximity to your home, public transportation and parking add value to and simplify your busy lifestyle.


Signe Adas
Signe is a 30-year Evanstonian. A highly successful 25-year career in commercial photography involved her in all aspects of the creative process, production, and marketing. However, her first love has always been real estate. She has a critical eye for recognizing a need in the marketplace as well as the ear to synthesize a potential tenants' needs.

Andrew J. Spatz
Andy’s lifelong passion for architecture and building led him to real estate development. His designs combine a strong sculptural sense with a hands-on working knowledge of construction techniques. This, coupled with a sensitivity to the importance of thorough construction documents and project analysis insure each project’s success. He received his MArch from Tulane University. Andy is currently a partner in Berry / Spatz Architects.

Matthew S. Berry
Matt is a licensed architect and LEED AP. His work examines the synthesis of site-specific characteristics, tectonic logic, and program requirements. He received his MArch from the University of Michigan in 2000. Prior to working with Adas / Spatz Properties he worked with Studio Libeskind, Valerio Dewalt Train, and WETSU. Matt is currently a partner in Berry / Spatz Architects.