deuxPLEX 2122 Dewey (PROJECT UPDATE) 9.24.2019

Pre-concrete slab PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL and HVAC have been installed. The existing 6” clay sewer piping was re-lined from the parkway to the city sewer line and is a better end product than initially installed. All systems were thoroughly checked and tested prior to the pouring of CONCRETE. NEXT…CARPENTRY rough framing and the first glimpses of the end product.

ANDY (enjoy the photos and video)

2122 Dewey (duexPLEX)...matt describes pre-concrete slab mechanical trades work.
2122 dewey(duexPLEX): sewer system re-lining...bladder install
2122 dewey(duexPLEX)...sewer system relining. epoxy liner being prepped prior to install in bladder
2122 dewey(duexPLEX)...matt describes concrete slab instqallation and a basic project update.

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deuxPLEX 2122 Dewey (PROJECT UPDATE) 9.10.2019

We started preparing for demolition on 7/1 with the installation of the construction fence followed by utility disconnections. We removed/recycled anything metallic then demolished and hauled the frame building. Electrical conduit, plumbing pipe and other items were separated and also recycled. This took less than 3 days. Our EXCAVATION/CONCRETE contractor did the DEMOLITION, expediting the process. EXCAVATION/CONCRETE could also be done concurrently. The project does not have a basement. The first floor is slab on grade. Our new SEWER/WATER service and STRUCTURAL STEEL fit neatly into this process. 


ANDY (enjoy the photos)

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deuxPLEX 2122 Dewey (PROJECT UPDATE) 7.31.2019

We are BACK!

And this project is NEW CONSTRUCTION.

Our primary goal is to provide the experience of single-family residential living at a cost typically associated with apartment living. The R4 zoning permits only 2 units (2500 FS of lot area/unit) on the 6,116 SF lot. The narrow lot width (36' total, 26' buildable) does not allow for two adjacent units but rather a back-to-back, two-level design solution. This structure will be tightly built, super-insulated and employ passive house construction techniques. The project will utilize green-building products and high-efficiency HVAC and plumbing equipment. The 1,893 SF (no basement) interior space of each unit is approximately 15% larger than older single-unit properties in the neighborhood.

We have 3 other sites, all in Evanston, where we plan on doing similar projects of 2 to 4 units. The exteriors will be much different, but the floor plans will remain the same, for obvious reasons. We also have our eyes on other properties that we can move on at the appropriate time.


Check out the demolition video!

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wareHOUSE(2) 2113 Greenleaf (PROJECT UPDATE) 6.14.2018



Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (06.14.2018):

This episode’s focus is exclusively on the EXTERIOR SUN SCREENS and unit entry LOGGIA. These elements are primary to the projects exterior design. The aluminum tube/pipe armature was built in a local shop full size with some dimensions over 70'. Panels were then cut into 3 or 4 pieces, shipped to the job site and then re-assembled prior to erection. Once in place, the armatures are skinned with 1/8" solid and perforated aluminum panels depending on their facade location. All material, transport and labor was locally sourced. Aluminum is made from 90% recycled content and is 100% recyclable, thus is a very green/cost effective/low maintenance material.   

Concurrently, multiple trades continue the north to south rotation finishing their portion on the project and will be featured in a future project update shortly.

NEXT, exterior sun screens/unit entry loggia continue, site work + continuation of finishing the interiors.

…the end is near